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Residual Cardiovascular Risk Despite Secondary Prevention: Data from Contemporary Cardiovascular Outcomes Trials From 2010-2021

Listen to Dr. C. Michael Gibson and Dr. Serge Korjian discuss expert insights on the recurrent cardiovascular risk in patients with contemporary CV outcomes trials between 2010-2021.  

Dr. C. Michael Gibson, Dr. Serge Korijan


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The HDL Hypothesis: Past, Present, and Future

Following an AMI, the risk of recurrent CV events remains high, particularly during the first 90 days. Despite advances in standard of care treatment, an unmet therapeutic need persists for these patients. This engaging symposium brings together an expert faculty to explore the mechanism of cholesterol efflux and its impact on post-AMI CV events. The panel will outline the pivotal role ApoA-I, a key functional component of HDL, plays in this setting, and discuss recent developments in the high-risk post-AMI landscape.

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Prof Stephen Nicholls

Evolution of the HDL hypothesis: Current insights

Listen to Prof Stephen Nicholls provide his expert insights on why the HDL hypothesis is shifting from a focus on HDL levels to HDL function. He describes ApoA-I, the key functional component of HDL, and the role it plays in the mechanism of cholesterol efflux, the pivotal first step in reverse cholesterol transport

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ACC, American College of Cardiology; ACS, acute coronary syndrome; AHA, American Heart Association; AMI, acute myocardial infarction; ApoA-I, apolipoprotein A-I; ASCVD, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease; CV, cardiovascular; ESC, European Society of Cardiology; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; LDL, low-density lipoprotein 


USA-GEN-0051 | March 2024